About Us

At Little Big Smiles, we strive to be a children’s dentist office where you will feel welcomed and at ease. We know dentistry can be scary, so we promise to do our best to provide comfortable treatments with simple explanations, so you will be able to understand how we can help you.  This is the page where you can learn everything about us at Little Big Smiles! You can learn about the people who work here, to where to find us and the types of insurances, payment options we accept.

Once you are here, not only will we provide treatments, but we will also show you some simple tricks you can do to maintain a healthy smile for many years to come!

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Andrew Chen, DMD


I have always enjoyed working with my hands ever since I was a kid, from building Legos to taking apart home electronics with the hope of fixing them, which to my mother’s delight, were mostly successful! It is no surprise then that I became attracted to dentistry as it is the one discipline that meshes my hands skill with my desire to help people. With that in mind, I entered the University of Pennsylvania’s 7-year accelerated Bio-Dental program, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Biology then followed by a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the Penn’s School of Dental Medicine. Upon my graduation, to further my skills with complex cases, I completed a 1-year advanced general practice residency at the Dallas Veterans Affairs Hospital.

After residency and through many different encounters I began to grow fond of Dallas and the people within it. Even though I was born in Taipei and grew up outside of Philadelphia, I have decided to call Dallas my home as I set roots here with my family. When not treating patients, I enjoy spending time camping, skiing, swimming, cooking and playing games with my wife 😀

As a practicing general dentist, I have always upheld a vision of how I want to help people maintain a healthy and happy smile. After many months of planning, I can now make that vision a reality as I carefully craft my own clinic to better express my personal practice philosophy. Just like Benjamin Franklin once said: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Not only do I want to focus on providing quality and comfortable dental treatment, I also want to emphasize to all of my patients the importance of good oral hygiene at home.

Therefore, please come visit us at Little Big Smiles, and see how my team of smiles makers can help you and our community by providing quality dental treatments to ensure a life-long healthy smile.


Julia Wu

Office Manager

As an office manager, I love taking my time to stay on top of patients’ needs and providing the best services to all of our patients at Little Big Smiles. Before joining the team, I was Marketing Coordinator for 2 years, which has helped me with the knowledge of building a great team dynamic that can run the office efficiently. Which in turn, makes the atmosphere at our office is fun and relaxing. I hope that my energy and easy-going personality will encourage other team members to provide the best services for all of our patients. Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, exercising, eating, reading and shopping. While I love an active lifestyle, I also enjoy spending my free time relaxing with my husband 😛 It is my goal to ensure that everyone who comes through the door will feel that they can trust us with their smiles.