Wisdom Teeth

wisdom_teethAt Little Big Smiles we believe in minimally invasive treatments. This means that we preserve as much of the tooth structure as we can, while providing you with long lasting restorations. For small cavities, they are easily restored by utilizing high strength dental bonding materials, which will complement our highly aesthetic and durable composite tooth colored filling materials. Even though our composite filling material have good aesthetic qualities, there is still a chance for the edges of the fillings to stain over time. Therefore, for more aesthetic areas, such as your front teeth, we offer dental porcelain veneers. As for larger cavity affected teeth, we offer dental crowns to make sure we provide a good coverage of the affected area, while preserving the remaining tooth structure to prevent further fractures or decay. If there is an area that is missing teeth, we offer many options for restoration. Dental bridges are a good option for replacing the missing teeth by using adjacent teeth. For a larger area that is missing teeth, there is the option of removable partial dentures, that anchor onto your existing teeth, or full dentures, for the places where there are no teeth remaining. However, please keep in mind, the dentures itself are a removable appliance, but they can be made more stable and fixed with dental implants. With recent advances in dental implantology, titanium dental implants are becoming a go-to option for replacing areas that are missing teeth. Dental implants can act as single root replacement for crowns or act as anchor/abutment roots for dental bridges and even dentures. If you have questions regarding these treatment options, please feel free to contact us.