Gums And Soft Tissues

tooth-pointThere are many more things in your mouth besides your teeth, and they can become injured through time. The inside of your mouth is covered mostly by the oral mucosa/soft tissue and your teeth are surround by your gum/gingiva, so it’s understandable that these areas of your mouth can also become injured over time. One of the most common problems we see is pain, swelling, or abscess of your gums. This can stem from a wisdom tooth growing in or a more involved gum/periodontal issue. If you are encountering these tissues, please contact us or your dentist as soon as possible. This is because these symptoms should be resolved soon or you risk having a more severe situation the longer it is left untreated. Other times you might develop mouth sores inside your mouth or around your lips that can become painful when you eat or brush your teeth. And just when you think you are safe, you order a hot sizzling pizza, and you get a pizza burn right on the roof of your mouth, and if you chew too quickly you end up biting your tongue or lip. Well, no matter what is bothering you at this moment, we are here to help you through it. Once we understand the situation, we can either reassure you over the phone to things that will heal up over time, or make you a quick appointment usually the same day for you to come and see us. We know you have many things in your life to worry about, so let us worry about taking care of your mouth for you.