Bitten Tongue Or Lip

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Your lips and tongue are surrounded by hard teeth and bone. So when you eat too quickly, you can bite your lips, tongue or the inside of your cheeks. As long as the cuts are not deep and you are not bleeding profusely these areas should heal up in due time. Just make sure to keep from eating hot, spicy food so you don’t end up irritating the area, and to use warm salt to rinse it until it heals. Also keep away from eating hard, crusty food like chips or anything fried since they can scrap against the area and cause more damage. If your body is healthy this should heal in a week or two.
A fall or blow to the face can also cause lip and tongue injury. This is commonly seen in children and people in active sports. This is why we recommend wearing a sports guard during active sports to not only prevent injury to your teeth but also protect your tongue and lips from being bitten or damaged. If you do experience a fall or blow to the face, and there is a deep cut, punctured lip, or bleeding you cannot stop, please contact us or head to the nearest ER. The injury site will need to be thoroughly cleaned and if teeth are knocked loose or out, it needs to be treated right away. If there is a lot of soft tissue damage we might have to refer you to an oral surgeon or plastic surgeon so they can suture the wounds right to lessen the scarring effect. With proper management and care the injury should heal quickly with no problems.