Burned Roof Of Mouth

dentist.8You are hungry and the smell of your food is just overwhelming. Before the food even touches your plate, your hands are already reaching out for it. That hot melted cheese just looks so enticing. Then Ouch! The roof of your mouth has this burning sensation that seems to diminish the enjoyment of your pizza. In your lifetime something like this has probably happened to you a few times, maybe not pizza but some other hot food like soup or noodles. For mild cases the palate, or roof, of your mouth just becomes irritated for a few days and then you can go back to enjoying and  eating your food without the irritations. For more severe cases you might get blisters, and the roof of your mouth can feel more raw and swollen. In this case your body will also repair and heal itself, but it might take a little longer. This burning sensation can also happen to your tongue as well. There is not much you can do for this, except to wait for your body to heal itself. In the meantime you should avoid eating any hot, spicy foods, so the area is not further irritated. Also avoid eating any hard, crunchy foods so nothing will scrape the burned area and cause further damage. In due time, the area will feel normal again and hopefully you will be more careful with hot foods. Like everything else, if the soreness or blistering lasts more than a week or two, please consult us or your dentist.