Severe Pain

tooth-status-bad.3No one needs to tell you that having pain is not fun at all, but we can tell you we are ready to help you with whatever pain you have in your mouth. Being your family dentist we want all our patients to be pain free and happy with their smiles. Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball and you get into an accident or fall. Depending on what happened, you might end up with trauma to your face and there could be fractures in your jaw. For complicated cases like jaw fractures or cuts in the face, we can refer you to see oral surgeons in the area where they are experienced in treating fractures and making sure sutures are done properly to minimize scarring as you heal.

Sometimes for some reason your mouth or teeth just hurt. It could be from a big cavity that’s been growing closer to your nerves over the years or some swelling/abscess that’s been coming and going, or you just simply do not know what’s going on. We have got you covered here at Little Big Smiles. Dr. Chen, our dentist here, knows how to take care of you. He is very gentle and patient because he knows you are agitated and in pain. He will quickly find out what is going on and get right to the source of the pain. Most of the time if the treatment is done the same day, you should feel relief right away. Depending on how severe the case is, we will bring you back in couple weeks for follow up to make sure things are going the way it should be. We will take good care of you, so please do not hesitate to give us a call whenever something is bothering you.