tooth-winkNormally, an adult will have a total of 32 teeth present in their mouth (28 if the wisdom teeth are removed), and a growing child will have to contend with 20 baby teeth or a mix of both baby and adult teeth when they are older. These adult teeth we have are designed to last a long time if they are properly taken care of. However due to various reasons, either from neglect or things out of our control, these teeth can start to cause toothaches or severe pain in your mouth. As your general dentist we are prepared to be there for you. We know toothaches can mean sleepless nights. We know life can be unpredictable and your tooth can be chipped, broken or even knocked out. This is why we want to be the dentist you can rely on if you have problems. Whether it is as simple as debris stuck between your teeth, a loose tooth bothering you, or even lost fillings or crowns, we want to be the dentist you call when problems start to arise. We will get you into our office as soon as we can, so you  will be able to have a peace of mind knowing, whatever your problem is, we will take good care of it. Helping you have a pain-free mouth is important for us. We will not only take care of your problems but also give you the proper tools to better maintain your teeth, so hopefully there will be one less thing in your life that you need to worry about.