Family Dentist

At Little Big Smiles Family Dentistry, we take pride in our ability to make all our patients comfortable regardless of their age. We’ve seen toddlers as young as 6 months old, to adults with many years under their belt (90+!). But no matter what age you are, if you need a family dentist, Dr. Andrew Chen will treat you with the utmost care and expertise.

We know the dental office is not the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of a fun place to be, so we strive to make our office as warm and welcoming as possible. From fun, friendly staff to our state of the art techniques and equipment, we make sure your every visit is as comfortable and rewarding as possible.

We want you to know that we care about your health, which is directly connected with your mouth. We will show you all the options, and establish a proper treatment plan to get you on the right track for a healthy, happy smile. Not only do we focus on a proper treatment plan and treatment comfort, we want to make sure you know how to take good care of your mouth so that there’s no need for us “fixing” your mouth every time to come see us. There’s no better feeling (for both you and us) than to just have a routine “all clear” checkup and regular cleaning. This is the goal we strive everyday for all our patients; if we can do this for you and your family that means we are doing our jobs right!

So come on over to our family dentistry! Bring the whole family, and don’t worry, we have many amenities in the office to keep your kids entertained while we see you. We know juggling work and family schedule is hard, so we offer convenient hours to make sure you have the time for us to take care of all your family. We can’t wait to see you here at Little Big Smiles Family Dentistry!