First Dental Visit


According to the guideline put out by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (Chart), it is recommended for your child to come see the dentist when their first tooth starts to come through or by the age of 12 months, whichever comes first. This way we can establish a good dental home for your child so that we can be the go-to person whenever you have questions regarding their dental health. At the first dental visit, we not only provide a thorough dental exam, but we also go over home care instructions with you so that you can take care of your child’s mouth at home. This is important because, not only can we catch cavities when they first start, but also make sure your child’s teeth are brushed from the very first day they come in. If we start taking care of their teeth young, it will be easier for you in the future to make sure they brush and floss properly.

Preventing cavities in your child’s mouth is our goal. Even though we have many materials and methods to take care of cavities, it is still the best when their teeth are not damaged at all by the bacteria in their mouth. Therefore, proper brushing and flossing is very important, even if it’s just a few teeth coming through. Not only will this keep their baby teeth strong and healthy but also protect the growing adult teeth underneath. We do hear many parents telling us: “Why do we need to take care of the cavities on baby teeth if they are going to eventually come out?” This is a big misconception in the general public. Although your child’s baby teeth will eventually come out, the cavities, which are actually a bacterial infection in the tooth, if left untreated will eventually cause dental abscesses, pain, or the bacteria going further in and damaging the adult teeth underneath. Therefore, we encourage all our young parents to bring their child in to let us take a look. When you start the dental home early, you give your child a better chance at having a healthy, happy smile.