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Emergency Dental Services

We are well-equipped to be your emergency dentist. We see emergency cases from simple problems like lost fillings, a chipped or cracked tooth, bleeding gums, or soft tissue problems, to even some dental trauma cases like a knocked-out tooth. Depending on the severity of the problem, like broken jaw or severe pain, we also have specialty doctors we can refer you to, providing the best and most expedient care possible.

Our staff is trained to get you in office quickly, and often times we will open up spots for you the same day you called. Depending on the nature of your problem we aim to address your problems right away. However, please keep in mind some treatments might require a few visits to make sure it does not bother you again.

For your convenience you can always give us a call and we’ll be happy to address your questions and any issues you may have. If Dr. Chen is available, he will be more than happy to talk to you over the phone before you come in. This way we can prepare our office to see you right away and make sure we have the right information to support you.

Broken Jaw

If you were just in a car accident or a fall, a broken jaw or mandible fracture is a common injury. Not only do you have to deal with the trauma associated, there will also be swelling and pain where the fracture is. Jaw fractures occur when there is a large force applied to your jaw, sometimes you might also have a dislocated jawbone. It can be very painful and cause your jaws to lock up. If any of these have happened to you, please contact us immediately or go to the nearest urgent care facility/ER. Prior to receiving care, you can use an ice pack over the area to help to minimize swelling. Also, be sure not to move your jaw too much, you may try tying a handkerchief/towel around your jaw and the top of your head. If we see that it is a dislocated jawbone, our dentist will attempt to reposition your jaw joint back to where it belongs. If our attempts are not successful, or you have a jaw fracture, we will help you be seen by an oral surgeon immediately. The oral surgeon can properly stabilize the fracture and give you any necessary sutures, to make sure you heal as normally and pain-free as possible. If you have questions on what to do, please give us a call any time.

Severe Pain

We are ready to help you with any pain you have in your mouth. Being your family dentist, we want you to be pain free and happy with your smiles. Depending on your situation, you might end up with trauma to your face and there could be fractures in your jaw. For complicated cases like jaw fractures or cuts in the face, we refer you to see the appropriate oral surgeon experienced in treating fractures and making sure sutures are done properly to minimize scarring as you heal.

Experiencing a big cavity that’s been growing closer to your nerves or swelling/abscess that’s been coming and going, or do you simply just have pain. We’ve got you covered at Little Big Smiles. Dr. Chen, our dentist, knows how to take care of you. He is gentle and patient because he empathizes with your agitation and pain. He will quickly diagnosis what is wrong and get right to the source of the pain. Often, if the treatment is done the same day, you should feel relief right away. Depending on how severe the case is, we will bring you back for a follow up to make sure things are going the way they should.

Gums And Soft Tissues

There are many more things in your mouth besides teeth that can become injured through time. The inside of your mouth is covered mostly by the oral mucosa/soft tissue and your teeth are surrounded by your gum/gingiva, so it’s understandable that these areas of your mouth can become injured over time. The most common problems we see are pain, swelling, or abscess of your gums. This can stem from a wisdom tooth growing in or a more involved gum/periodontal issue. If you are encountering these issues, contact us or your dentist as soon as possible. These symptoms should be resolved soon or you risk having a more severe situation if left untreated. No matter what is bothering you at this moment, we are here to help you through it. Once we understand the situation, we can advise you over the phone, or make a quick in office appointment usually the same day. We know you have many things in your life to worry about, so let us worry about taking care of your mouth.


Normally, an adult has a total of 32 teeth present in their mouth and a growing child will have 20 baby teeth or a mix of both baby and adult teeth as they grow. Our adult teeth are designed to last a long time if properly taken care of. However, due to neglect or things out of our control, these teeth can start to cause toothaches or severe pain in your mouth. We want to be the dentist you can rely on if you have any dental problems. Whether it is simple debris stuck between your teeth, a loose tooth bothering you, or lost fillings or crowns, we want to be the dentist you call when problems arise. We will get you in office as soon as we can, so you have a peace of mind. Giving you a pain-free mouth is important for us. We will not only take care of your problems but also provide proper tools to better maintain your teeth.

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