What do you do when you have a missing tooth, and you want to fill that gap? One of the many options we have here is a dental bridge. Dental bridges are basically 3 or more dental crowns linked together to cover up the missing area. We use your teeth around the missing tooth area as anchors for your dental bridge. Like dental crowns, dental bridges can be made from several different types of material. The traditional one is the porcelain fused to metal bridge. We use high noble metals here because they are more resistant to corrosion and also more biocompatible. Then the porcelain is added on top so that it blends in with the rest of your mouth. With good tooth preparation and proper home care there will not be any metal showing. If you are interested in a more aesthetic option, instead of the metal substructure we can replace that with a zirconia frame.  Dental zirconia is a tooth color material that is verry strong.  With zirconia bridges we can either use zirconia throughout or if your case is more aesthetically challenging, we can layer porcelain on top. These restorations are all customized for your mouth to ensure the best cosmetic outcome.