The ADA recommends that a child should see a dentist when their first tooth erupts, but no later
than the child’s first birthday. This might seem early, however there are many reasons an early
visit is beneficial:

  1. Tooth decay can occur as soon as the first tooth comes in. Tooth decay is caused by
    bacteria sticking to the teeth and turning the sugars that we consume into acids. Children
    are more likely to have tooth decay if their teeth are in contact with sugar often or for
    long periods of time, such as falling asleep with a bottle in their mouth. For this reason,
    plain water is a better nighttime choice. Tooth decay can lead to pain and infection, so it
    is important to check for signs of this early on
  2. An early visit allows the dentist to show you proper cleaning techniques, talk about
    feeding, oral habits, recommend dental products, and answer any questions you may
  3. A third important reason for an early visit is that it allows your child to become
    comfortable with the dental environment and it establishes a dental home that they can
    go to for years to come!
  4. Finally, you will learn about fluoride treatments and dental sealants, which are two
    important preventative measures to protect your child’s teeth from decay.